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Installing Argo CD

Declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes.


Plural will install Argo CD in a dependency-aware manner onto a Plural-managed Kubernetes cluster with one CLI command.


We currently support Argo CD for the following providers:

plural bundle install argo-cd argo-cd-aws

Setup Configuration

  • hostname: FQDN to use for your Argo CD installation
  • adminGroup: OIDC group that should receive admin permissions
  • configPrivateRepo: Configure access too private repositories
  • credentialTemplateURL: Domain for which to configure private repository credentials
  • credentialUsername: Username to access private repositories
  • credentialPassword: Password or Personal Access Token to access private repositories
  • privateRepoName: Name for the private repository to add
  • privateRepoURL: URL of the private repository
  • enableImageUpdater: Enable the Argo CD Image Updater