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Stack PR Workflow

API-Driven Infrastructure As Code CD

Plural Stacks have the ability to trigger dry runs on PR giving users clear information as to what infrastructure can change as a result. This will do two things:

  • run a dry run that terminates at the equivalent of terraform plan for the relevant stack type
  • post informative messages back to the PR to surface relevant details in Git.

To trigger a PR run, you'll need to follow a few conventions:

  • the branch can be named any name like plrl/stacks/<stack-name>/.*
  • You include text like Plural Stack: <stack-name> in the title or description of the PR

This will tie the PR to the stack and initiate the dry-run process.


There are a few dependencies to getting these working:

  • You need to configure a SCM connection to whatever source control provider you're using. We currently support Github and Gitlab, and are happy to support others on request as well.
  • You need to configure a webhook against that SCM as well.

Both can be done in the ui.

Finally, you need to configure your stacks to use a given SCM connection, that can be done globally with:

kind: ScmConnection
  name: github
  name: <name-from-ui>
  type: GITHUB
kind: DeploymentSettings
  name: global
      name: github