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Import An Existing Cluster

Set Up deployments to an existing, self-managed cluster


Most users will have created a significant amount of kubernetes infrastructure with tooling like terraform, pulumi or other forms of infrastructure automation. You can easily configure deployments to these clusters by installing our agent with a single command, and Plural CD will manage that agent from then on without any manual intervention.


Make sure your local kubeconfig is pointing to the cluster you want to set up, then simply run:

plural cd bootstrap --name {name-for-your-cluster}

You can also configure a few tags for this cluster at create time with:

plural cd bootstrap --name {name} --tag {name}={value} --tag {name2}={value2}


You can also set up a BYOK cluster via terraform with the following:

Coming Soon!

Networking Considerations

You do need to ensure the cluster you're going to be deploying to has egress access to your controlling cluster