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Destroying the Cluster Safely

How do I bring things down safely?


Uninstalling any Plural application or an entire Plural installation is a one-liner in your terminal. If you want to delete your Plural installation, make sure to run plural destroy before deleting your Git repository. If you delete your Git repository first, you will have to manually clean up all the resources that Plural has provisioned for you.

Uninstalling Individual Applications

To uninstall applications, use:

plural destroy <app-name>

This will do things like destroying terraform resources and emptying k8s namespaces, but it won't remove the application builds from your local repo, or the application configuration values from context.yaml.

Uninstalling your Entire Installation

To uninstall your entire Plural installation and Kubernetes cluster, run:

plural destroy

Only do this if you're absolutely sure you want to bring down all associated resources with this repository.