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Configuring DNS

Registering and setting up a domain

Configuring Externaldns for your cluster

There are two ways this can be done:

  • for a new cluster
  • for an existing cluster using plural's dns service you want to switch over

Fresh Cluster

For a fresh cluster, you'll be prompted in plural init whether you want to enable plural dns. Simply answer no, provide the subdomain you created above, and we'll configure externaldns correctly for you from the start.

Existing Plural Cluster

For existing clusters, there's a bit of cleanup you'll need to do to reconfigure from plural dns. You'll want to edit the workspace.yaml file at the root of your repo to set false to the pluralDns entry. You'll also want to rewire the subdomain to point to your new subdomain so domain validation works in the future.

Additionally, in the context.yaml file, there will likely be a number of dns entries in the configuration for your apps, you'll want to move those to the new subdomain as well (the old plural dns records will still work during this transition).

Once all this is done, you can reconfigure all the helm charts with plural build then run plural deploy to apply them.