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Pricing Calculator

Estimate the costs of using Plural to running the applications and configuration you need for your business with our Pricing Calculator.

What cloud provider will you use?
How many clusters will you be running?
Our standard deployment utilizes 3 nodes, 2 core / 8GB for all providers and defaults to AMD CPUs.
How many applications do you plan to install?
The default deployment includes headroom for a few applications, but will scale as necessary to accommodate more.
How many users will access your clusters?
Plural is free for up to 5 open-source users. Accounts requiring more than 5 users and accounts on the professional plan will add $49/user.
*Accounts requiring >6 clusters or >60 users should reach out to discuss our Enterprise option to optimize plan costs to your specific needs.
Professional plan
Cloud costs
AWS Kubernetes cost
AWS infrastructure price
Application infrastructure
Plural costs
for 1 cluster
for 0-5 users
per month to AWS
Info: How do we calculate cloud costs?

By default, Plural deploys the following on a given provider:

  • The Kubernetes control plane
  • 3 nodes, each with 2 cores / 8GB

Each initial deployment has a certain amount of headroom for installing applications and will scale accordingly as more are added. Costs to Plural are calculated based on which plan is chosen; Plural Professional is priced by the number of users and clusters.

Info: What is a cluster?

A cluster is a set of worker machines (called nodes) that run containerized applications. A single cluster can contain many different applications that work together to perform various workflows. A single cluster is often sufficient for getting started, but it can be beneficial in some circumstances to have multiple clusters running (e.g., a development and production cluster).