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CLI Command Reference

Overview of all Plural CLI commands.

To install the Plural CLI, use:

brew install pluralsh/plural/plural

Refer to the CLI quickstart for more information.


Make sure to update your CLI to the latest version to pick up any new features.


plural [options] <command> [parameters]

Use plural command help for information on a specific command. The synopsis for each command shows its parameters and their usage. Optional parameters are shown in square brackets.

Global Options

--profile-file [FILE] configure your config.yml profile FILE [$PLURAL_PROFILE_FILE]

--encryption-key-file [FILE] configure your encryption key FILE [$PLURAL_ENCRYPTION_KEY_FILE]

--help, -h show help



version, v, vsn Gets cli version info

build, b Builds your workspace

deploy, d Deploys the current workspace. This command will first sniff out git diffs in workspaces, topsort them, then apply all changes.

diff, df Diffs the state of the current workspace with the deployed version and dumps results to diffs/

bounce Redeploys the charts in a workspace

destroy Iterates through all installations in reverse topological order, deleting helm installations and terraform

init Initializes plural within a git repo

preflights Runs provider preflight checks

bundle Commands for installing and discovering installation bundles

stack Commands for installing and discovering plural stacks

packages Commands for managing your installed packages

link links a local package into an installation repo

unlink Unlinks a linked package

help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command


repos View and manage plural repositories

api Inspect the plural api


watch Watches applications until they become ready

wait Waits on applications until they become ready

info Generates a console dashboard for the namespace of this repo

proxy Proxies into running processes in your cluster

logs Commands for tailing logs for specific apps

ops Commands for simplifying cluster operations

ai Utilize openai to get help with your setup


utils Useful plural utilities

vpn Interacting with the plural vpn


apply Applies the current pluralfile

test Validate a values templace

push Utilities for pushing tf or helm packages

template, tpl Templates a helm chart to be uploaded to plural

from-grafana Imports a grafana dashboard to a plural crd

User Profile

login Logs into plural and saves credentials to the current config profile

import Imports plural config from another file

crypto Plural encryption utilities

config, conf Reads/modifies cli configuration

profile Commands for managing config profiles for plural


create Scaffolds the resources needed to create a new plural repository

repair Commits any new encrypted changes in your local workspace automatically

validate, v Validates your workspace

topsort Renders a dependency-inferred topological sort of the installations in a workspace

dependencies, deps Prints ordered dependencies for a repo in your workspace

serve Launch the server

shell Manages your cloud shell

workspace, wkspace Commands for managing installations in your workspace

output Commands for generating outputs from supported tools

build-context Creates a fresh context.yaml for legacy repos

changed Shows repos with pending changes