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Connect to an Application DB

How to connect to the underlying database for a deployed application.

For various reasons, you may want to connect to the underlying database for an application. This could be for routine operations, verifying state, or for surgical procedures.

Connecting with the Plural CLI

You can list all possible proxies for an application by running:

plural proxy list <app-name>

You can connect directly to the database with the following command:

plural proxy connect <app-name> db

Connecting with the Plural Console

  1. Choose the application you want to connect to from the Application Overview tab.
  2. Navigate to the Components tab located in the left side bar.
  3. Click on the component named apps/statefulset plural-<app-name>
  4. Click on the Pod in the section, likely named plural-<app-name>-0
  5. In the Containers section, where it says container: postgres, there is a Shell icon to the right of it. Click on it to create a terminal instance.
  6. Enter the command su postgres && psql to access Postgres.