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Installing Plural

Empowers devs to build & maintain cloud-native & production-ready OSS infrastructure on Kubernetes.


Plural will install Plural in a dependency-aware manner onto a Plural-managed Kubernetes cluster with one CLI command.


We currently support Plural for the following providers:

plural bundle install plural plural-aws

Setup Configuration

  • chartmuseum_bucket: Bucket for helm charts
  • assets_bucket: bucket for misc assets (docker imgs/terraform modules)
  • images_bucket: bucket for images and icons
  • plural_dns: FQDN to use for your plural cluster
  • plural_dkr_dns: FQDN for your plural docker registry
  • admin_name: name for initial admin user
  • admin_email: email for initial admin user
  • publisher: name for initial publisher
  • publisher_description: description for initial publisher
  • hydra_host: the fqdn to use for hydra, for managing plural oauth