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Installing Renovate on Prem

Universal dependency update tool that fits into your workflows.


Plural will install Renovate on Prem in a dependency-aware manner onto a Plural-managed Kubernetes cluster with one CLI command.


We currently support Renovate on Prem for the following providers:

plural bundle install renovate-on-prem renovate-on-prem-aws

Setup Configuration

  • hostname: public domain to host oncall on
  • acceptTos: do you accept the WhiteSource Terms of Service. Please read
  • licenseKey: renovate on-prem license key
  • platform: can be either github or gitlab
  • githubAppId: The GitHub App ID provided by GitHub Enterprise when you provisioned the Renovate app.
  • githubAppKey: A string representation of the private key provided by GitHub when you provisioned the Renovate app.
  • webhookSecret: The webhook secret configured for the Renovate app.
  • renovateToken: A Personal Access Token for the GitLab bot account.
  • githubComToken: A Personal Access Token for a valid user account on This is only used for retrieving changelogs and release notes from repositories hosted on