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Auth & Access Control

Learn about configuring access control within Plural.

Plural comes pre-built with a lot of the core concepts needed for IAM at any organizational scale. These include:

  • Users and Groups - maintain a full directory to manage identity within Plural
  • Roles - which can be bound to any set of users or groups of users to allocate permissions
  • Service Accounts - dedicated identities with a fixed policy as far as what other entities can impersonate them and act on their behalf.

Account Basics

When you sign up to plural, you'll immediately be allocated an account. You can then invite users by using the form at Users who sign up organically will get their own accounts, and will have to be linked afterwards, so we recommend onboarding additional users via invite.


The only users eligible for sharing repo encryption keys are also those users in your account .

RBAC Basics

Each Plural role is configurable using the role creation form at

The permissions are fairly self explanatory, but you do have the ability to map a role to whatever identity grouping you'd want to use, and filter the roles application to a list of repositories (or a regex on repository name). The latter mode is helpful if you'd like a certain role to only be able to install, say, airflow and sentry.